Personal Experience: My Experience To The Foreign Air Force

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There have been multiple situations in my life that have forced me into a different way of thinking about how to approach learning. I recently assumed a different job in a foreign country to assist in the training of their Air Force in respect to an air defense weapon system that they purchased from the United States. I was extremely excited and humbled to be selected for this assignment; but fairly nervous as this is an extremely high-profile assignment with the easy ability to cause an international incident. I arrived to the country and was eager to start my new position and to do the best that I could to train their Air Force. I was shocked to realize that I would not be taken seriously in my role or position simply based off of my age, as I am younger than all of the foreign Airmen that I was selected to train.…show more content…
I sat in the back of the classroom while one of my coworkers was giving a class over the beam steering generator of the radar antenna. Everything was going smoothly and all of the students seemed to be paying close attention to what he was attempting to teach them. After all classes were done for the day I was conversing with my coworkers and decided that I would give one of the classes first thing the next morning. I was going to give a class over radar theory, a specialty of mine, so I received a copy of the class to ensure that all of the information was correct and up to date prior to giving the class the following

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