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The Company Officer I Have Become and the Trait that Made My Career a Success John K. Cunningham Milton Fire-Rescue Author Note John K. Cunningham, A volunteer Lieutenant with the Forsyth County Fire Department John Cunningham rose to the rank of Captain as a professional in the Fulton County Fire Department. He retired from the Fulton County Fire Department. John Cunningham is currently a Captain with the City of Milton Fire-Rescue Making this the third department which he has held the position of company office. He is in his 33 year in the fire service 20 of which in the role of company officer. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to John Cunningham, City of Milton Fire-Rescue 750 Hickory Flats Rd, Milton…show more content…
Reflecting on his 20 years of experience as a company officer and the path he has taken to become the officer he is…show more content…
My ambition and desire to advance my career lead me to take classes and studying my but off. As I was well liked by my fellow firefighters I was given help studying for my first promotional exam. With 4 years under my belt I thought I was ready to take over the department. 98 on my written exam I was in the top 10. With coaching from my mentors I knew all of the questions that were going to be ask by the oral interview board. In my mind I convinced myself that I was the next Lieutenant. After my interview I was walking on cloud 9. On my way out of headquarters I was approached by one of the command staff who asks to speak with me. He needed to talk to me about the process. He stated that my job knowledge was superb and I had completed the two parts of the process with the highest score. Then I heard that all so familiar word, “but” at this time the Chief cannot promote you to lieutenant. So the first word out of my mouth was why, he explained it was obvious my fellow firefighters loved me or I would not have done so well on the process. In a department as large as this in my short time I had only been exposed to a short percentage of the firefighters. He also told me I was still young and had a long career ahead of me and my time would come. I was devastated all my hard work was at that moment in time wasted. I told this to my

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