Objective Preschool Observation

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Miss Lisa says the key to a successful day is planning. She says that a class schedule should be free of “dead time”, and the students should be familiar with all routines and expectations. She finds it important to make lessons fun, engaging and hands-on. Miss Lisa makes her lesson plans at home. She meets with her assistant teacher in the morning before the children come in and shares with her assistant what the lesson plan for the day is. Most of the classroom materials are prepared when the teacher is in the classroom, an hour before the students arrive. Miss Lisa and her assistant make sure that all the materials are where they belong. If a new lesson is going to be given, all the materials needed to give the lesson are placed in a section of the classroom where the teacher will have quick access to. Miss Lisa makes monthly scheduled parent meetings. The meetings consist of all the parents going to to the classroom early before the class begins. She discusses the lessons she had been giving their children and what they have been learning from them. She understands that not all the parents are able nor available in the mornings. She makes it known to the parents that if they would like to meet at a later time or another day she would have no problem rescheduling to make it possible for her to have that meeting with the parent(s). Parents are told they will have a meeting with the teacher through a paper that is given to the parent as they pick hem up after school. If the parent would like to get in contact with the teacher, they would have to call administration so that they could let the teacher know that a parent is looking to meet up with the teacher. Or the parent lets Miss Lisa know when they see her. Miss Lisa’s communication with the assistant is to speak with her before the children get to the class and advise her what the lesson plan for the day is.
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