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Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper

  • Submitted by: dinamina21
  • on September 23, 2012
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Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper
Diana Sanamyan
MTE / 501
February 13, 2012
Dr. David Bolton

Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper
I observed Ms. Shakhramanyan’s kindergarten class at John Marshal Elementary in Glendale, CA. There were twenty-two kids in her class and five of them were ELL students
Ms. Shakhramanyan taught the class for the entire day. The students spent most of their time in the classroom during the day. Ms. Shakhramanyan started her class with morning greetings and announcements, took the attendance and told the students the objectives of that day. I noticed how she addressed concepts about print during her morning routine. The way Ms. Shakhramanyan   practiced concepts about print was quite in line with progressivism. She did it while reading the morning message to students. She called on different students to find beginning or end of a sentences, rimes and onsets of words, count number of sentences, and so forth. She gave a different task to every student considering his or her level of knowledge.  
Another example of Ms. Shakhramanyan practicing progressivism was the way she constructed and held her Science lesson on plants. She started her lesson by talking to students about her classroom plants. Then, she proceeded with a cute story by Arnold Lobel on plant life cycle (it included stages form seeds to flowers). The next step took place outside in the school courtyard where kids planted flower seeds together, thus, putting the newly acquired knowledge into real life practice.  
Later, as I interviewed Ms. Shakhramanyan both her answers to the teacher questionnaire and the interview questions made it very obvious that Ms. Shakhramanyan’s educational philosophy was progressivism. Likewise, in Introduction to Teaching (2011) Kauchak & Eggen state that “progressivism is an educational philosophy emphasizing real-world problem solving and individual development. The curriculum should be composed of experiences that...

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