Organizing a Positive Learning Environment For Chi

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Robert T Final Copy Organizing a Positive Learning Environment for Children A positive learning environment for children begins at home. Everyone has a role to play in keeping a positive environment for children but the most important people are the parents. Starting children early with a positive learning environment can be a big factor in their lives. Organizing a positive learning for children will teach them how to become successful students in school. Everything that is done at home, by the parents, can be taken to school and used to promote learning for their child. Parents could help their children succeed in school by organizing study sessions, reviewing their child’s work, and keeping them physically active. Study sessions could have a positive impact on a child. Parents could organize study sessions which would require the child to study materials twice a week at the town library. These sessions at the library would provide them with a quiet environment to learn and get a better understanding of their work. Parents should also be of help to their child when they are studying because there may be some materials the child doesn’t know, and having them there can be helpful. Having these study sessions could prepare the child for tests and keep them in good condition for class. Study sessions are a way to begin studying early, so that when the test is distributed the child is well prepared. Next, the parents could have their children review their work at the end of every week. This procedure would help keep the parent and the child up to date with their work. Many times the child may not understand some of the work, so it is good for a parent to ask them questions. If the parents are having trouble answering their child’s questions, the next best thing to do is hire a tutor. Hiring a tutor is a way to improve the child’s educational experience.
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