Case Study Involving Classroom and Behavioral Management

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This case study occurs in a small elementary classroom in the Northeast United States. The teacher being observed is named Linda Walker. Linda is a new teacher and the focus of the observation takes place during her reading lesson. Beginning the Lesson Miss Walker begins the day by taking attendance and lunch count. I thought it was important to note that Miss Walker took advantage of this opportunity to involve her students and have them use their math skills. As soon as role was taken, Miss Walker had her students prepare for their first task of the day. She handed out 3 stories with questions at the end for them to answer and gave specific instructions. I think it is also important to note that she instructed the children to color the pictures on the stories when they were finished so that they would be able to stay busy. Once the students seemed to understand their task and began working diligently, Miss Walker called the first reading group back to the reading table. During this process, the first example of classroom management takes place. As the reading group was making their way back to the table, 2 boys pretended that they were going to join the group. However, when Miss Walker looked at them, they took their seats and continued working. Miss Walker chose not to comment on this behavior. I believe this was an effective method of classroom management. Although Miss Walker chose not to verbally address the situation, the boys seemed to respect her authority enough to behave. On page 483 of Ormrod, establishing an atmosphere that is businesslike and nonthreatening is thoroughly discussed. If Miss Walker would have laughed at the boys, they may have perceived that as the teacher thinking it was okay and even appreciated to misbehave. The atmosphere would not have been businesslike. On the other hand, if Miss Walker would have singled out the boys and

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