Cache Level 3 Dce. Reflective Account Unit 8 Essay

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Reflective Account Unit 8 For my first placement I was set in a year one classroom in a Catholic primary school; it was a small school with one class of around thirty children for each year, ranging from reception to year 6. In year one I worked with aged 5-6 year old children, two teachers who shared the class and a teacher’s assistant. The school had a friendly atmosphere about it and seemed very much like a big family as it had strong outside support from many parent helpers who voluntarily came in often providing extra help. P8.2 During my placement I had the experience of some confidential information being shared with me by my placement supervisor, concerning child protection issues with a pupil in the school; as I have knowledge of confidentiality of children's information I understood I was trusted with this information which was not for me to share with anyone. Ways in which confidentiality is kept in early years settings includes ensuring that all staff are aware of the policy and are kept informed of laws and regulations regarding the handling of a child's personal information. Information should not be shared with anyone other than professional staff who need to know and should be stored away somewhere only certain staff can access. P8.3 While in placement I had the opportunity to meet parents of some children; in one situation I sat with and cared for a child who was ill in school and waiting to be picked up to go home, when the parent arrived to collect their child I greeted them in a respectful and approachable manner, introducing myself so that they knew my role in the school, I explained to the parent what had happened; how their child had been ill and what had been done to help her and make her as comfortable as possible while waiting to go home. This parent was friendly and polite in return and was happy with me giving her the

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