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For this assignment I am going to write about how I would handle in-class and out-of- class activities in a 10th grade special education math class. The typical day in my school has six 50 minute classes with 5 minute passing periods and an extended 4th hour to accommodate lunch. Since there are multiple students in multiple classes keeping everything organized is very important to a successful classroom. With that being said, the first activity I would like to touch base on is turning in assignments. In-Class Activities Activity 1: Turning in assignments This is a daily activity that allows the students to turn in their work with appropriate headings so I can accurately compute their grades. Since there are many students in the class throughout different periods of the day it is necessary to keep things organized. One way of doing this is to make sure all students put appropriate headings on their assignments. Once papers can be identified, it is also imperative that the assignments get put into their appropriate place so I can grade one class at a time. Behavior Expectation #1: The students must have their name and an appropriate heading on their papers. At the front of the classroom, I have a sample paper with exactly what I want and an example shown. • Name: Johnny Doe • Date: 10/06/2010 • Period: 3 • Assignment: pg. 21 # 6-15 Behavior Expectation #2: Once students are finished with their papers they are to turn them into the appropriate bin which I have placed on a table by my desk in the classroom. All students are to put their assignments in to the bin and not on my desk so I can keep everything organized. Activity 2: Channel One News This is a news program that is played in high schools, throughout the nation, every morning for the first 15 minutes of class. During Channel One News, the students get to hear about current events, see what students
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