What Is The Mgt/230 Decision-Making Process

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Decision Making Process Alex Shaffer MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice April 09, 2012 Francisco Jimenez Decision Making Process There was a time in my life, It was about three years ago. I had to make a really huge decision in my life. Well to give you a little back ground, I had a really great job in 2002 to 2007. I was working at one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. I was managing their helpdesk in the retail department. I was working at New Century Mortgage Corporation. Well in early 2007 around March, all the employees including myself had heard that we were not well. The CEO of New Century Corporation Brad Morice was trying sell off the company. But he was not able to in time. So in May of 2007, I was laid…show more content…
I was able to find some desktop Support job in the entertainment industry. It was great at first, I love it. I was doing what I love working with people and computers. I met a lot of great people and it was fun. But one thing, that I didn’t care for is that I was not a full time employee. I was a contractor meaning, I was like self employed with no benefits. Like I mentioned it was okay at first, but as time went not. I started thinking about what I wanted like more money, full time job and my own place for my own privacy. So was now looking for a full job with a large company. That was a huge decision for me, because as much as I loved working for the entertainment companies. It was not paying the bills or allowing me to grow and move forward. Now I think that my decision making process was similar to the one in text. By I had realized that was a problem and I needed to address it. So that I could move forward and change, like Anne Mulcahy. I believe that I need to change, and I had a long road ahead of me. If had chosen that follow the steps that were listed in the steps. I think thing’s might be a little more organized and structure. I just basically new that I need to find a better job, that was full time, and it was with a large stable company. I also didn’t have a back plan in

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