Being Able To Negotiate Environments

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50118195.CU2717 1.1 1.2 2.1 Analyse how a range of conditions and/or disabilities may impact on individuals being able to negotiate environments. There could be a number of issues that this could effect such as, a patient being blind or having to use a wheel chair. It is important the patients gets time and support in exploring the environment and ensuring it is kept the same so that the patient can keep as much as their independence as possible. For example if all the chairs where placed on the left hand side of the room a blind person will be shown to walk down the right side, but if the room was changed around without someone telling the person they will continue to walk down the right side and will trip over the chairs. It is also…show more content…
The risk assessments will need to be reviewed and/or updated where appropriate. As a NA I would ensure that the care plan is followed and I familiarise myself with it and also if I notice anything that is working/not working, I would firstly speak to the individual themselves and ask them if they feel they are supported enough and if there is anything that they are finding difficult and ask if they have any suggestions. I would then go and inform the nurse in charge/manager and express my concerns and talk about potential suggestions. I would ensure I fill in the correct paper work and ensure a new care plan is amended and feed back to the patient to see if they
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