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UNIT 208 Ai: Different examples of accidents and sudden illnesses that might occur are a fall, heart attack, choking and bleeding. Aii: The procedures to follow if an accident or sudden illness should occur are first of all you must try to help the service user to recover or find help. After this the company should have accident report forms that must be completed in which you would need to also inform the manager or supervisor. The form will include date, time, place of accident, people involved, witnesses involved, equipment involved, details of what happened, anything that was said about the accident, the condition of the person involved in the accident, details of when help was asked and when arrived. Aiii: The principles to be followed for safe moving and handling are that there needs to be risk assessments and procedures done to minimise the risk of injury to the employee. This may include recommended amount of people required to move an object, specific equipment needed and training to safe about handling equipment safety. Aiv: It is important to follow the care plan and communicate with each individual when assisting and moving as moving them incorrectly may cause them to be injured or discomfort. You need to inform and discuss with the person in concern about how to be moved, provide help and equipment when required. Av: Doctors are responsible for prescribing medication. Managers are responsible for proving training, policy and procedures in handling and administrating medication, the staff team are responsible for giving and making sure that the service users are taking the medication. The service user is responsible for ensuring that they follow the medication guidance by the doctor. Avi: You can obtain information by asking friends, family, GP or any other people involved with the care of the service user. Medication can be obtained via GP. You

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