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  • Comparing Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and Shakespeare’s “130”

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    In “Annabel Lee”, Poe is looking back and telling about a beautiful memory he has about his long lost love, Annabel Lee. In the very first stanza of this poem, Poe makes it very clear that the feelings he had for Annabel Lee were not just temporary: It was many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived who you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thoughts Than to love and be loved by me. (489) The very last line in that stanza shows the deep love he felt for the maiden, Annabel Lee. Poe describes that their love is more powerful than the angels that envy them, and that not even death could separate them: And neither the angels in Heaven above, Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from thy soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. (490) Shakespeare has a different approach on describing his love in his poem, “130”.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    Annabel Lee Annabel Lee was the last major poem written by Edgar Allan Poe, and was published immediately after his peculiar death in 1849. It is not surprising that that Annabel Lee is a poem filled with sadness and despair, as most of the poems Poe is known for contains such content. It also deals with one of the author’s favorite subjects, the death of a young and beautiful woman. It seems that it is rather hard to separate the life of the legendary Poe from his works, at least in this case as there are a variety of similarities between the two. Poe was also in love with a young woman, his cousin Virginia Clemm, and was married to her at the age of thirteen.

  • Comparsion Between An Valentine And Annabel Lee

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    Name: Shaher El Rammah Grade: 11 (D) Subject: Comparison for two poems Written By Edgar Allan Poe Similarities | A Valentine | Annabel Lee | -There a message in them | -Names of their loved ones is found | -Describe their loved ones in a beautiful way | -He will always remember her whatever happens | Differences | A Valentine | Annabel Lee | -Name is a riddle | -Name is showed | -She doesn’t know that he loves her. | -They both share love. | -Annabel Lee was taken away from him | - Nobody took her away | -He sees his loved one as a treasure that’s hard to find | - He see’s Annabel lee as an angel | “A Valentine” and “Annabel Lee” Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing writer who has plenty of poems and stories, he was known for his gothic stories but today I am going to speak about two of his best romantic poems ,two of his fascinating poems are “A Valentine” and “Annabel Lee”, Edgar Allan Poe was famous poet for his gothic and scary stories, these two poems are about his loved ones and each one has a different message and expression, Edgar Allan Poe wrote one of these poems to describe his loved one and the other to show her how much he loved her, These two poems will have a similarities and differences. There is a plenty of similarities, the main of them is that they both carries a message in them for his loved ones the message is that the love for his loved once will last forever , In Annabel Lee “Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.” That shows his love will last forever even after his death and it shows that his soul is combined to Annabel Lee soul and can’t be separated from each other , another similarity is that the name of his loved ones are found in the poem In “Annabel Lee” he named her as Annabel Lee and In “A Valentine” is FRANCES SARGENT OSGOOD which was hidden and must be found in the

  • Annabel Lee Analysis

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    Annabell Lee is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, about how Poe loses his soul mate and describes how he mourns her. He talks about how they were so affectionate of each other throughout the poem and what he thought to be the reason that she passed was because the angels were jealous of them. But he still feels the same affection even though she is not present. The first stanza introduces Annabell Lee, she who “Lived in a kingdom by the sea” (2), and how they were blinded by love. In this stanza it mentioned how she lived in a kingdom by the sea.

  • “Annabel Lee” Is Love

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    Poe’s narrator tells us about Annabel Lee as if he was a lowly pauper and she was the princess of a distant kingdom. With the affectionate childhood love the Edgar Poe had for his wife, his final disdain with death is conveyed in “Annabel Lee.” Annabel Lee is a symbol of beauty and undying love. Edgar Poe loved Virginia Clemm with all his heart and viewed her as an innocent virgin maiden, Annabel Lee. Some biographers have suggested that Poe and Clemm might have never consummated their marriage. Annabel Lee’s lover viewed her as a maiden writing,”…a maiden….than to love and be loved by me.” Lines five and six symbolize this unreal love that he and Virginia had.

  • Annabelle Lee Analysis

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    Annabel Lee: Independent Analysis The poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe is about him falling in love with a maiden by the name of Annabel Lee and in his poem, he is describing his love towards her and her death signifying that the heaven took her from him, but her death can never strip him of his love for her. The literary devices in which he uses to help indicate the theme of never-ending love are allusion and tone. This poem is of significance to me because it was the first poem I ever read when I was beginning to read poetry in elementary school. At the time I did not know about literary devices, themes, tones, etc., but I understood the meaning and the story of the poem and just fell in love with it ever since, and ever since elementary school Edgar Allen Poe was one of my favorite poet. The unknown narrators love for Annabel Lee is so great that he describes it as “love that was more than love” and alludes to religion being the reason for her death.

  • Annabel Lee Interpretation

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    Jeannine Johnson wrote that “His wife Virginia had died in 1847 after suffering a prolonged illness” (Par.1). Johnson also quotes that “In addition, there are two other women who might have inspired Poe in the writing of this poem: Nancy ("Annie") Richmond and the poet Sarah Helen Whitman, both of whom Poe met and fostered relationships with in 1848.” (Par.1). Johnson also adds that “Poe "seems to have regarded [Annie Richmond] as a virtual reincarnation of the dead Virginia Poe"(Par.1). That statement shows that Poe still keeps the love for her even after she had passed away. It is an example of true endless love and how it is never left behind.

  • Virginia Is The Inspiration For Annabel Lee- Poe

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    Ana Briceno ] Love Without Barriers: Virginia is the Inspiration for Annabel Lee The poem “Annabel Lee,” by Edgar Allan Poe depicts a deep grief towards the death of his beloved wife and cousin, Virginia Clemm. Throughout the poem, the narrator expresses the melancholic emotions he suffered after the death of his beloved one, however the feelings towards her were so intense that not even death could separate them. Poe expresses, in his letters to his Aunt Maria Clemm and friend, George Eveleth, the passionate affection he had for his wife, Virginia, as being intense and eternal. The feelings that Poe expresses throughout his letters are the same feelings he expresses in his poem; therefore Virginia is the inspiration of this poem. Virginia suffered from tuberculosis and died in 1847, two years prior to the writing of Poe’s poem; her death caused Poe to enter a deep depression.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    The poem is sorrowful because the speaker describes his grief of the untimely death of his love Annabel Lee. The poem is compassionate because even after the death of his beloved he still has a loyal unchanging love for her. The way Poe evokes all these different emotions through the use of rich and romantic diction, abounding symbolism, and lyrical rhythm is what really makes this poem intoxicating. The poem's romantic diction immerses the reader into the speaker's fantasy-like tale of love shared with Annabel Lee. He begins the poem with the first two lines, "It was many and many a year ago, / In a kingdom by the sea," sort of how one would begin a fairytale with “once upon a time far away”.

  • The Undying Love for Annabel Lee

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    In the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe, the poem’s speaker explores the themes of eternal love and death. It has been considered by many as a creepy and obsessive poem that explores the subject of love and desire. This poem is one of the most popular love poems in the English language because it portrays the kind of love that anyone would want to live at least once in their life. This is a kind of love that will never die and will stand the test of time even after death. This is where some people have decided to tie the “creepiness” term but as we explore the whole poem we will get a better understanding of Poe’s undying love for Annabel Lee.

  • Memo About Annabel Lee

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    When he described their love he said things like, “Than to love and be loved by me”, “But we loved with a love that was more than love”, “My beautiful Annabel Lee”, “But our love it was stronger by far than the love Of those who were older than we” (Pike & Acosta, 2010 p388). You wouldn’t expect a child or a young teenager to express his self that way would you? The sad part about this poem is that Annabel died. Edgar was convinced that the angles did it because of their jealousy of his and Annabel’s love. When Edgar said he wasn’t going to be without Annabel he meant that literally.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    Melissa C English 103 June 25, 2013 Long-Lost Love In the poem “Annabel Lee,” Edgar Allan Poe uses a sad tone to describe the story of love between a man and his wife and how slowly their love has been broken. This couple’s love was beautiful and was everything they’ve ever had. The speaker described a painful memory of how his and Annabel’s love was true that even the kinsman and angels weren’t pleased by what they saw. In stanza four Poe states, “The angels, not half so happy in heaven, / Went envying her and me-“ (21-22). These two lines display the dissatisfaction the angels have towards the couple.

  • Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

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    Young Love Puppy love is a well known term that describes the love between two young adults or children that more experienced adults typically expect is doomed to fail. In Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe the story of love between two and the sad ending is told. He tells a story that begins as a fairy tale but ends in disaster that is brought upon by those who would be dissatisfied with the match. Their jealousy of the soul mate’s meeting taint the relationship but Edgar proves them wrong by staying with her even in death and never leaving her side. The speaker which one would assume is Mr. Poe or Edgar and the beautiful Annabel Lee met when they were merely children and loved each other with the purity that is a part of every young soul.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. This rime scheme continues throughout all six stanzas of the poem as Poe describes his beautiful Annabel Lee and the love they still share even after her death. Although Poe speaks of his deep and abiding love for the beautiful Annabel Lee, the poem is not a happy one. In fact, it paints a rather gloom picture of his ‘kingdom by the sea.’ In lines 30 -34 Poe says “And neither the angels in Heaven above/ Nor the demons down under the sea/ Can ever dissever my soul from the soul/ Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.” This intense imagery creates a picture of harsh weather and even harsher landscape surrounded by avenging angels above and demons below, both of whom are determined to separate Poe from Annabel Lee. Some may argue that the angels succeeded in separating the two young lovers since Annabel Lee

  • Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee

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    Poe’s starting fairy tale tone worked to show innocence, a true love, an inseparable couple in perfect harmony with each other soon turned sad and dark. He showed a love too perfect as a terrible cycle that ends by death from jealousy which eventually separates the two lovers forever. My analysis of the poem works to show how things always change in life. At the beginning of the poem Edgar Allen Poe gives his readers sort of a “fairy tale” mind set as he uses language which makes people feel happy. Some of that language includes, “Kingdom by the sea.” It is important to understand that Poe’s really wants people to be thinking happy and sweet thoughts.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    Annabel Lee Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe is a sad, interesting, and meaningful story about the narrator’s vanished love. The poem describes that true love is eternal, strong willed, and unbreakable. Edgar Allen Poe used a unique rhythm to describe his feelings with death and used a flow of rhymes that matched up with his love, Annabel Lee. One piece of evidence that supports that love is eternal in the poem is in line nine. “But we loved with a love that was more than love.

  • Annabel Lee Essay

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    Rhonda Coleman American Literature Mr. Julian Thorton December 3, 2014 Annabel Lee By: Edgar Allan Poe “We loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel”, ( Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee is a tale of mourning and lost love. A poem which is dark and depressing; it is deep, morbid, scary, and definitely not just a pretty poem. Annabel Lee is almost carefree and childlike. In the second stanza it is written she is a maiden; the reader could be led to believe she is very young.

  • Edgar Allan Poe Influences

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    However, Poe was again inspired from another death, his wife Virginia, who died of tuberculosis. He wrote a poem about her called “Annabel Lee”. Poe continuously indicates the beautiful nature of his wife. At the beginning of the poem, Poe describes a setting that included “a kingdom by the sea,” which is Poe in his life with his wife. The setting changes with a wind blowing out of a cloud that kills his wife, indicating that his wife died suddenly.

  • Analyzing Edgar Allan Poe's 'Annabel Lee'

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    Sharon R. McCoy English 1020 Analyzation of Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe wrote a very lovely and sad poem “ Annabel Lee in “1849 The poem seems to be set in the Gothic period. The theme of this poem is based around beauty and death and a beautiful women that could not have fully. There are many metaphors such as: “her high born kinsmen”, “the winged seraphs of Heaven”. Back then childhood was thought to be pure and good and this poem celebrates child-like emotions and the love that is consistent with the Romantic era. Poe treats childhood love for Annabel as a love that transcends all.

  • Annabel Lee - Poem Analysis

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    Poem Analysis – Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe uses a variety of literary techniques to convey the various messages between the lines of the poem Annabel Lee. Edgar Allen Poe has written this poem in his point of view, relating as the young boy to himself. This poem is about a young boy and a maiden, whom despite their young age love each other so immensely that the seraphs of heaven are envious. For this reason, the seraphs kill Annabel Lee in the hopes that their love will be oppressed. However, although they were not married in life, Poe makes it clear that they will be united in death, leaving the efforts of the seraphs wasted.