Annabel Lee Analysis

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Annabell Lee is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, about how Poe loses his soul mate and describes how he mourns her. He talks about how they were so affectionate of each other throughout the poem and what he thought to be the reason that she passed was because the angels were jealous of them. But he still feels the same affection even though she is not present. The first stanza introduces Annabell Lee, she who “Lived in a kingdom by the sea” (2), and how they were blinded by love. In this stanza it mentioned how she lived in a kingdom by the sea. So could it be that she was royalty possibly a kinsmen. Then he goes on telling on how they met, and fell for each other at a very young age. The last line “with a love that the winged seraphs of heaven her and me” (12). He describes that their love was protected by the angels. The third Stanza goes on to say while they looked over by angels they got jealous and took Anabell Lee away from him. They use the word “chilling” (15) in this stanza which could be interpreted as a tone word meaning having her taken away. The next stanza goes on to say that it is true; the reason why the Angels took Anabell Lee was because they were jealous of their love. It goes on to say in the fourth stanza that their love is still existent even though she is not present he hasn’t changed the love for Annabell Lee. In fact their love is stronger than ever and not even the angels nor demons can diminish his love for Annabell Lee. It sounds like he loves very much and will not settle for anyone else. I believe what the author is trying to say is love can be never-ending by give an example of Annabell Lee’s love. And another side of widows that would like to stay married to their lost one, while others think they would fall in love with
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