Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

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Young Love Puppy love is a well known term that describes the love between two young adults or children that more experienced adults typically expect is doomed to fail. In Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe the story of love between two and the sad ending is told. He tells a story that begins as a fairy tale but ends in disaster that is brought upon by those who would be dissatisfied with the match. Their jealousy of the soul mate’s meeting taint the relationship but Edgar proves them wrong by staying with her even in death and never leaving her side. The speaker which one would assume is Mr. Poe or Edgar and the beautiful Annabel Lee met when they were merely children and loved each other with the purity that is a part of every young soul. But because their devotion was so beautiful the heavens took offense and sent a chilling wind that caused her to die. Her family, in a Romeo and Juliet situation, takes her body to her tomb and does not allow Edgar to see her. But in the end the young man swears to not be separated from her and spends his nights besides her tomb. This shows that the man loved with all of his mind, body, and soul the beautiful Annabel Lee and despite the heavenly wrath that he may incur and the kinsmen who most probably despise him their love prevails. Edgar uses many poetic devices in his poem. The time period set for this poem is noted by the use of “kinsmen”, “winged seraphs of heaven” and “sepulcher” to place you far in the past full of magic perhaps in the 1800’s but if one must they can recount the story to modern times. But his long ago set up puts one in the mood that many Disney films too. The reader thinks it will be the fairy tale that has a wonderful ending for the fair maiden: a picture of beauty. The metaphor of Annabel Lee and the speaker is to describe all the young love that have ever passed through our mortal realm and was
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