Health and Social Care Essay

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141- professional practice in children's care, learning and development. 1.1 analyse how values, principles and statutory frameworks underpin service provisions in children's care, learning and development in UK home nation. The principle of an early year sector is that the welfare of the children is paramount. Practitioners that work in early year sector contribute to children’s care, learning and their development, and protecting children who are in a safeguarding issue example, abuse. This is supported in every aspect of practice in the settings and the service provision practitioners will work with parents and their families who are partners in the care, learning and development, safeguarding of their children and are the child’s first and most enduring carers and main educators. The best practice requires improvement and self-awareness of practitioners working in nursery and other settings. The values and principles for children are underpinned in a range of different ways including: • All staff are trained and supported to do their job - this means that all members of staff that work within our setting have training in childcare, first aid, health and safety etc. All of which are essential for safeguarding children. • Frontline workers are authoritative in their knowledge and understanding of their roles and well- grounded and trained in child development - furthermore each individual staff member fully understands the way in which a child develops and can work to the best of their ability to support and help the children to progress. • Communication is kept simple and free from jargon and agencies have a common understanding about the meaning of key words and terms - this is so that the children and parents who are not used to hearing jargon related to the childcare sector can be ma fully aware of what is happening without a communication

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