Explain How Values, Principles And Statutory Requirements In Children's Care, Learning And Development

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141- professional practice in children's care, learning and development. 1.1 analyse how values, principles and statutory frameworks underpin service provisions in children's care, learning and development in UK home nation. The principle of an early year sector is that the welfare of the children is paramount. Practitioners that work in early year sector contribute to children’s care, learning and their development, and protecting children who are in a safeguarding issue example, abuse. This is supported in every aspect of practice in the settings and the service provision practitioners will work with parents and their families who are partners in the care, learning and development, safeguarding of their children and are the child’s first and most enduring…show more content…
This is essential in order to safeguard the children within our setting. We only hold information about the children that is important for us and their personal welfare. For example this can include, medication records, allergies, parents and full names. When information needs to be passed on and shared with other professionals then we need to ensure that we are complying with the data protection act. This act sets out clear guidelines which can be followed effectively in order to make sure that individuals private information does not get obtained by unnecessary people. As well a this we do not have the right to hold information on previous employees or service users under the data protection act which means that all the information that we have is current, up to date and only accessible by the correct individuals. I also think that policies and procedure for sharing information are effective because they are set out in order to protect children, parents, employees and employers themself. Overall The data protection act is followed at all times which gives clear boundaries to what people can and can not

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