Working In Partnership In Health And Social Care Essay

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Unit 7 Assignment Work in partnership in Health and Social Care of Children and Young People’s settings. Question 1 1.1 The features of effective partnership working begin with the knowing that it is everyone’s responsibility for partnership working in order for it to be successful. The benefits of working in partnership are enormous allowing families to share information about their children’s development or learning and supporting those children with particular needs to receive support. Colleagues, professionals and others must be active in working alongside, sharing expertise, knowledge and a common purpose to improve the lives of individuals in their care. Respecting each other’s skills and contributions enables everyone working together share their expertise, recognise and utilise the strengths of all involved. Trust both personal and professional and mutual respect are factors in effective…show more content…
Good relationships, clear communication and common goals between parents and practitioners are crucial to the successful delivery of an effective service. Every major legislative or policy document contains reference to ‘partnership’ and the importance of ensuring that parents are informed about and involved in strategies and approaches to the care and education of their child. Partnership with parents is based on the belief that good working relationship, clear and mutual communication and common goals between parents and professionals are crucial to the successful delivery of effective services to children. MacLeod-Brudnell (2004, p.412). Partnership with parents should be a key aspect of provision. Parents should be recognised as children’s first and enduring educators, and should be seen as key partners in supporting children’s learning and development. (DFES, 2003D:10) cited in Pugh and Duffy. (2006,
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