Importance Of Safeguarding

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Safeguarding Safeguarding is a term for the protection of people with a strong emphasis on prevention. when this refers to children many organisations could be involved within that process such as schools, social workers, GP and other medical or therapeutic services. All these may be needed to ensure the child's well-being and be a long-term help to the whole family. Safeguarding is important as it means all adults working with children have a responsibility to protect children from harm, we should always report our concerns so that the appropriate action can be taken and the right agencies involved to help resolve the issue raised. Dwelling on and ignoring our concerns only increases the risk to the child. When faced with a problem…show more content…
It sets out recruitment best practice, some underpinned by legislation, for the school, local authority, and further education education sectors. All schools should protect children and promote their welfare by providing a safe environment for children to learn in. Creating a culture which recognises and understands the importance of safeguarding - including listening to and discussing with children. Identifying children who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, both at school and at home, and referring immediately any concerns to the local authority children’s social care services. Preventing unsuitable people from working with children. Having systems and processes that ensure children are kept safe and allow for poor and unsafe practice to be challenged. Identifying instances in which there are grounds for concern about a child’s welfare, and initiating or taking appropriate action to keep them safe and contributing to effective partnership working between all those involved with providing safeguarding services for
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