Nursing Research Integration Paper

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Research Integration
Evidence-Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research
EBT1 - 724.8.3-01-05

July 18, 2013

Research Integration
Types/Appropriateness/Classification of Sources of Evidence
The article for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physician regarding the diagnosis and management of acute otitis media (AOM) is considered to be a filtered resource classified as evidence based guideline. The recommendations establish guidelines of the definition, assessment and management of AOM based on research literature from experts making it appropriate to use in a nursing practice situation. The second article from Block, Causative Pathogens, Antibiotic Resistance and Therapeutic Considerations in
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Although it is the parents or guardians decision to give consent it must be signed before any child can participate in any studies or research. Informed consent is when all risks and benefits have been fully explained and any questions should be answered before any consent is established. Personal information should not be disclosed to the public and all privacy and confidentiality issue should be addressed. Ethical issues also arise with the use of children and if they should be subject to something that might be harmful or painful. So anyone considering making a child be a part of a research study must consider if the benefits will out way the…show more content…
Vulnerable populations include low income or children that do not have the say in if they want to be a part of the study. Low income populations have to consider if they will be able to follow through with the return visits that might be required to complete the studies or have the money to pay for the medication that might be needed. The research team has to consider, as a part of informed consent, that the person that is giving consent has the mental capability of fully understanding the risks and possible issues that may arise with participating in the research. Informed consent cannot be established if the person is mentally unstable, under extreme levels of stress or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Children should be protected and be at a minimal risk even if consent is given. Culture considerations should be taken when being considered for research because the treatment or evaluation may interfere with the beliefs or customs and they may not fully understand the details. Confidentiality of participants is of high importance of the research. Participant’s private information should be held confidential and the individual’s privacy should be protected. The research priorities should never violate the participant’s privacy rights. All research that involves human subjects can be very tricky and should be carefully examined and follow strict regulations and guidelines with ethical standards kept to
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