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The technology this paper will talk about is “Google what Google Glass is and the way it attracts a range of the population. Also, this paper will state the benefits and drawbacks effects of this technological development. According to The Washington Post by Hayley Tsukayam, Google Glass could be a receiver that you simply wear sort of a try of spectacles. It's ear phone and a phone is pooled into one and is tucked into the higher corner of the frame that keeps you perpetually together with your emails and calls. Google has even proclaimed that prescription lenses are going to be in some models. It is a singular device that comes with a prime quality OHMD. One amongst the superb things regarding this device is that you simply will choose between four totally different…show more content…
It's already lightweight and won’t be a burden on your face and shortly to be out there in five color choices. Why would persons need a computer on their face though? It maybe a small device, however it's a robust hardware and Glass has its own store where developers will publish apps for it. With respect to Sonika Dhaliwal: skilled SEO school, there are benefits and drawbacks of victimization of Google Glass. The main advantage of this device is that it's handy. As a result of that, it permits a user to send messages while not victimization their hands. An additional benefit of Google Glasses is that you simply will capture those superb moments of your life during a very straight forward and easy way. A wide range of decisions are out there that allows the user to use either voice commands or tiny hand gestures for the operation of this exceptional device. Google Glass offers sociality and lacks restrictions. It has an inbuilt international Positioning RUNNING HEAD: Google Glass

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