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Resource: Virtual Organization for Riordan Manufacturing Begin working on Service Request SR-rm-012, Business Systems, for Riordan Manufacturing. Write a 10- to 12-page paper and create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of the project, due in Week Five. Assume that the paper and presentation are to be presented to an executive management committee. At a minimum, the paper must include the following: • Each type of business system and subsystem • A description of each business system and subsystem • Identification of the interrelationships of business systems and subsystems Riordan Manufacturing Company Business Systems BSA/310 November 15, 2011 Dr. John Woolsey Ph.D. Riordan Manufacturing Company Business Systems Good…show more content…
Cloud computing possess three characteristics that brings one to conclude that cloud computing brings tremendous benefit to the organization. The first characteristic is there is no maintenance. Cloud computing is an outsourced service provider, which saves the trouble of maintenance issues. Riordan will save facility space and expenses of employing a large IT department. The second characteristic is virtualization. Cloud computing will provide uninterrupted service through online availability 24/7. The around the clock availability by the hosting provider is beneficial to company needs. The third characteristic is pay-as-you-go. Riordan Manufacturing will never have to pay for service it is not using. Most traditional online computing services offer business services that are bundled. Accessing the Cloud, the company will only pay for services used while saving the company money. These three characteristics proves that cloud computing is efficient and has more benefit than traditional computing (TheCloudGuy,…show more content…
Alpha Software database allows Riordan to build desktop application and web database applications. This software is fully integrated and can be used by Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 or File Maker Pro; with these options, Riordan Manufacturing can finally eliminate the paper and pencil and not have to worry about potential fire hazards with paper storage. They will also be able to pull all types of reports quickly and easily without the headache of someone missing a number or misplacing a file. Riordan Manufacturing can start focusing on the goal at hand once they start utilizing this software system for all their date entry (AlphaSoftware,

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