Is Google Making Us Stupid

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I think Google stops people from using their knowledge. In the blink of an eye, the search engine delivers useful information about pretty much any subject imaginable. Think about when you don’t understand something or your unsure where do you go. Most of the time you’ll go to Google to get the information. Without out even taking the time to think about what you’re not understanding. You could have probably gotten the answer if you just sat down and thought about the subject material. But google is so tempting because it has all the answers and it’s so easy to use. When you first go to the internet you most likely will be taken to google. You can access google through your computer, laptop, Cell Phone even IPod. Almost everyone has at least one of the devices. Nicholas Carr author of “The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to Our Brains” thinks that google is even making us shallow. From personal experience I’d say whenever I don’t understand something I’ll run to google, which I’m sure many others do. I mostly go to google for my Math homework. If I can’t solve a solution I’ll search how to solve the certain math equation. While I could have taken the time to brainstorm, what is the question asking me? Nicholas Carr says “What really makes us intelligent isn’t our ability to find lots of information quickly”. Meaning you don’t have to run to google for information, because that doesn’t make you intelligent anyone can run to google for information. If you think deeply on your own without google search engine you’ll see yourself becoming a much better thinker and more intelligent. Nicholas Carr says “If were distracted, we understand less, remember less, and learn less.” This is true if you’re using google. Once your on google you’re on the internet, there are so many distractions on the internet that you won’t even be able to use that information you just
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