Bigfoot Is Real Essay

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Human and Beyond After many years of research, myths, and story telling the question is still around, does Bigfoot exist? Looking at research online can make you question if Bigfoot is real. You can find god websites just as bad ones. Some are going to be credible with good reliable sources to back the information they provided up. However, it is extremely easy to make a website these days, anyone can make one. With anyone making there own website could mean that it might just be there own personal opinion and less research. Things are more difficult to believe now especially on the Internet. Just because you find something online doesn’t mean its true, and you should always make sure a website is legit and credible. There are many ways for you to be aware if a website is valid. The Internet site can have information but this doesn’t mean its true. For instance Wikipedia is usually not a good Internet source to use, it is more updated by people and the answers are not always right they…show more content…
Using this website This source is very informal. Everything about the website is done poorly and doesn’t seem professional. There contact information is only an email address that only allows you to report a sighting of Bigfoot. Also anyone could update the website whether it was true or not. It only provides stories, myths, and rumors. Although answering this question could be difficult this site does a poor job of doing so. The font of this website is wrong they use Arial black instead of using times new roman and the font is size 16 which makes it look like they didn’t take there time when they were composing the website. The picture they provide of Bigfoot is ignorant and unprofessional. The picture makes the site look childish. The information it provides to speak about Bigfoot is stories from 1840 through today. This website is not reliable source because has many inconsistencies with what a credible site looks

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