Robert Frost's 'After Apple-Picking'

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“I have had too much of apple picking…” After Apple Picking was a poem by Robert Frosts, and reflects of Frosts views of age and regrets. In this essay, I am going to talk about how the set of the poem relates to other poems. After Apple Picking shows the poet using the set of his apple picking to express his views of aging and missing out on things. Other poems written by Robert Frost. also use nature to show opinions and show metaphors. The setting of a poem appears to be in an apple orchard. Consider what an apple orchard is. An apple orchard is a man-made area, yet which allows apples to grow. So basically, it allows man to control, almost even imprison nature within humanity’s control. Now this isn’t an overriding theme within Frost’s poem, but it does show an example of the relationship between man and nature so often seen within Frosts poems. However compare this to another of frosts poems, Mending Wall. Here we can see a clearer divide between man and nature. For example we can see it in this quote: “…The gaps I mean/No one has seen them made or heard them made/But spring time mending-time we find them…” Here we see an example of nature conflicting with man. Nature has knocked the man-made wall. Note repetition of the word “made”, giving us the emphasis on how the wall has to be continuously rebuilt. Both poems also seem to using imagery using man harnessing nature. After Apple Picking shows us an orchard and Mending Wall shows us a fence defining fields; both examples of man trying to control nature. This is more seen Mending Wall than after apple picking, e.g.: “…Before I built a wall I’d ask to know/What I was walling in or walling out…” Here we can see a conflict; is poet keeping nature out or is he keeping himself away from nature. Once again we get the repition of a word, walling, similar to made because they are both action words, emphasising

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