Sweeney Todd Poem Analysis

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Area of Study: Belonging Immigrant Chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki | Sweeney Todd directed by Tim Burton | “In order to belong, we must adapt to challenges in life” Truly, “In order to belong we must adapt to challenges in life” Before I go on, Human Beings are one of the species that don’t like change. We prefer to play it safe, and stay in our own comfort zones. And when tackling change as such leaving one’s homeland for varied reasons, including a desire for better opportunities or to escape persecution, poverty or conflict. It instantly becomes a rather constant tackling challenge to adapt to. Like so, poet ‘Peter Skrzynecki’ in “Immigrant Chronicle” visibly demonstrates his struggle to feel united with his own parents, it also demonstrates his struggle to feel united with the world that is different to his parent’s or ancestor’s. Like so, another text “Sweeney Todd” 2007 directed by Tim Burton focuses on the negative impact of forced imprisonment and reflects this negative impact as a result of Sweeney’s inability to generate a sense of “us” after he was freed from imprisonment. The poem “Felix Skrzynecki” initiates the readers with a personal pronoun by the poet “My” “My gentle father” instantly establishing their filial…show more content…
Poems in “Immigrants Chronicle” show that the poet struggles to adapt to changes, in some ways his father also struggles to adapt to changes. Like in “Felix Skrzynecki” when the poet mentions “tried to keep in pace with the Joneses”. It highlights the depth of struggle it had taken for Felix to come to a stage where he no longer feels the need to follow anyone in order to belong. Because he has now found a place to belong his garden. The garden becomes metaphorical as the poem doesn’t just reveal that the father belongs to just the garden but also reveals that the father has found peace in himself, has found peace as he now feels he has found a place in the world around him even though he wasn’t originally from
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