Comparing Homer And Sara's Struggle With Poverty, Family Conflicts

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While their dreams seemed unrealistic due to the challenged they faced, their fear of becoming like their parents was greater and kept them motivated. Although Gary, Homer, and Sara faced poverty, family conflicts, and lack of education, they were able to overcome their barriers and achieve their goals in life. Although these three individual were different in culture and dreams, they all had similarities as striving to better themselves and not end up like those around them. Gary did not want to end up working “Mexican hours” or broke and in despair. As for Homer, he did not want to live his life working in the coalmine. He knew that working in the coalmine was dangerous and deadly. And Sara does not want her father to marry her to a man that she does not love. She knew that was injustice and would only lead to a broken life.…show more content…
In the book, Gary talks about how his television images motivates him to have a way out of Fresno and it kept him fighting to find away out of poverty. He fought for a place where he can plan his roots and be accepted for who is. Gary also had many family conflicts but the biggest one was with his step dad. Gary’s lack of education and being mistreated in school made him think that his future was going to be living in Fresno the rest of his life like his parents did. Gary wants to break away from poverty and keep the next generation out of working in the fields or factories. The thought of having such a life like his parents made him scared and he overcame all of it as he explains in his book. Gary also, writes about the power television had on his siblings and on himself helps him to be where he is now. He is poet and enjoys life with his wife and

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