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How is the concept of belonging represented by Peter in his poem Feliks Skrzynecki? Belonging is the feeling that is felt by someone who has a spiritual connection to a group or place. In his poem “Feliks Skrzynecki” Peter illustrates his changing attitude to belonging due to his deep admiration for his father. Differences in culture can serve as a barrier to belonging. Peter’s lack of belonging is felt throughout this poem as he cannot truly appreciate his father’s Polish heritage against the mainstream Australian culture that Peter has grown up in. This is established when Peter quotes ” I inherited unknowingly – “. In that quote, Peter has cleverly used enjambment to create a feeling of empathy from the responders at Peter’s lack of involvement in his culture. Furthermore in the last stanza of the…show more content…
Despite the cultural and language barriers that Feliks has faced in immigrating to a new country, Feliks has managed to find a sense of connection to Australia. In the sixth stanza of the poem from “my father sits out the evening” to “Watching stars and street lights come on”, Peter has used cumulative listing. As a result, this has created a joyful atmosphere of peace, security and comfort which has been achieved through the use of positive images such as “watching stars”, despite Feliks having to overcome many obstacles throughout his life. Through this we can see that overcoming barriers are necessary to achieve a sense of belonging Peter Skrzynecki in his poem “Feliks Skrzynecki” has represented the concept of belonging through multiple manners. Through this poem we, the responder learn about how difficult belonging must feel for an immigrant such as Feliks Skrzynecki as we know that overcoming multiple barriers is needed to achieve a sense of belonging. From overcoming these barriers, Feliks feels a stronger sense of identity and belong which seeks to challenge Peter’s own sense of

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