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HAYDEN & CARVER Christine Soto English 063-Writing Introduction to the Essay CRN 1068, Joseph LaVorgna 5:20-8:10-Long Wharf Campus April 12, 2011 Have you ever taken the time to sit back and reflect on your relationship with your father? If you were able to put your experience in words, what would your reflections or memories be? Authors Robert Hayden and Raymond Carver provide us with their reflections and memories of their fathers through a poem by Hayden and a short story by Carver. Their writings are similar and in this paper I will provide three examples of their similarities. Hayden and Carver both expressed feelings of love, a sense of regret, and how their fathers provided for the family. At one point both authors were unappreciative of the hard work their fathers did, but then expressed love towards their fathers in their writings. In Hayden’s poem he states “What did I know, what did I know of love’s austere and lonely offices?” Although his father was harsh and angry, Hayden finally becomes aware that he did love his father. Similarly, in Carver’s short story he writes in a poem in which it states, “Father, I Love you.” This was the first and only time Carver mentioned the word “I Love you” although in his short story he showed love through his actions. Unfortunately, Carver’s love toward his father was put in writing after his father’s death. Both Robert Hayden and Raymond Carver expressed heartfelt love through their poems. Next, Hayden and Carver showed the sense of regret because they never fully understood the sacrifices their fathers made for them. In fact, Robert Hayden was extremely disappointed because in his poem he writes, “No one ever thanked him.” This made him reflect on his relationship with his father; how little he thanked his father for providing for him and his family. In the same manner, Raymond Carver found himself

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