Harmonium And Praise Song For My Mother Analysis

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Harmonium and Praise Song for my Mother Comparison AQA English Lit Poetry Moon on the Tides Relationships GCSE In âHarmoniumâ, Armitage presents an awkward relationship between a weak, aging gfather and his embarrassed son, who finds it difficult to express his feelings. Whereas, in âPraise Sonâ, Nichols portrays the love an appreciation a daughter feels for her inspirational mother, suggesting that despite physical separation, they are still as close as the you before. Armitage presents the importance of the speakerâs father and the harmonium is to him-how closely they belong to his heart. âBut its hummed harmonics still struck a chord.â âStruck a chordâ is usually a saying which usually describes an experience that has had an impact on someone and stayed in their memory for a long time. This suggests that the harmonium has had an impact for a long time, which is…show more content…
I think that both poems display a kind of shock or realisation at the loss of a parent. In Harmonium, Armitage presents the shock of a son at the realisation that one day his father will die. In Praise Song, Nicholsâ character realises she must come to terms with her motherâs death and move on. I think that Nichols is much more open about the love of the narrator for her mother, simply stating the importance, presenting a stereotypical mother and daughter relationship which is open and honest. Whereas, Armitage shows a son who finds it harder to describe his feelings for his father, and shows it by using an extended metaphor of a harmonium, in order to show the reader all the memories he has had because of his father, and how he loves him. The way his father jokes about his own death is an example of the stereotypical father and son relationship; not as open about feelings. ...read

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