Manipulative Character In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men George and Lenny’s relationship can be described in many ways. From one perspective, one may have said that George was a manipulative character in the story. From another point of view, he could have been described as a protective character. It’s hard to choose one side to stand on when it comes to this argument since there are many instances where George proves both sides correct. George may sometimes come off as the manipulative character in this relationship because of certain attitudes that he exudes during particular events. For example, while George and Lenny were in the forest the day before they arrived at the ranches, George kept on ranting about how much of a better life he would posses, had he not have to carry…show more content…
This scene began when Lenny and Curley’s wife were in the barn and Curley’s wife asked Lenny to gently stroke her hair since he had just told her that he very much enjoyed fondling soft things. In the very moment that Lenny’s hand comes into contact with the young lady’s hair, you can immediately tell that he’s very intrigued and delighted by the softness of her hair. Once Curley’s wife feels that Lenny is beginning to stroke her hair in a way that was messing up her hairstyle, she first tries to tell Lenny that he should stop caressing her hair, once she realizes that Lenny is no longer listening to her, she begins to panic and tries to quickly jerk her head away from Lenny’s collousal hand, to no avail. In complete despair, Curley’s wife beings to shout and shake under Lenny’s monstrous grip, Lenny, not knowing what to do, takes his gigantic hands and places one over her mouth so to stop the screaming, and another around her waist so that she wouldn’t be able to move. Once again, Lenny completely underestimated his strength and then things took a turn for the worst. He then accidentally snaps her neck like a twig, leaving her limp on the floor of the
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