Comparing George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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OF MICE AND MEN Our two main characters are George and Lennie. These two characters are displayed very carefully for George sounds like a big and tough guy. Lennie sounds like a small guy, not really a mean or tough person. The book switched these two around making George the small guy but making him tough and Lennie the big guy but he is not a fighter he is very childlike. Throughout this novel we meet new characters each portrait in a certain personality in their own way. Lennie is a migrant worker who is mentally handicapped, large and very strong. He depends on his friend George to give him advice and protect him in situations he does not understand. His enormous strength and his pleasure in petting soft animals are a dangerous combination. He shares the dream of owning a farm with George, but he does not understand the implications of that dream. Lennie’s personality is like that of a child and this makes situations very hard for him. He does not always know what or how to do things and this causes a lot of trouble for his friend George. Because Lennie is handicapped he has no ability to understand abstract concepts like death.…show more content…
George looks out for Lennie, George needs Lennie as much as Lennie needs George. George is physically small with very sharp features. George personality often reflects both anger and understanding. Of the two men he is the one to think things through and to consider how their future looks like. Without realising Lennie is dependent on George and George takes care for Lennie, this causes that George needs to travel to different work places because of Lennie. Lennie is George companion and because of this, Lennie makes George feels special. George realise only too well that they have a special bond. At their next job they met
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