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Was killing Lennie an act of mercy? The book Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, is about the two farmhands George and Lennie. In the year 1930 they arrive in Salinas, California, with hopes of achieving their dream of buying their own land. Lennie is not the brightest person, but he is as strong as a bull. George on the other hand is just a typical farmhand, not as strong as Lennie, but not nearly as dumb either. After Lennie's aunt Clara passed away George took the responsibility of looking after Lennie who was an animal lover, and couldn't take his hands off anything soft and fuzzy. Sadly he didn't know his own strength so he most often ended up killing them. Lennie and George weren't like other farmhands. They had each other, and therefore didn't live the life of solitude and isolation like many other farmhands. George had always been Lennie's caretaker. The responsibility had been overwhelming for George, but still they had each other. They knew the good and bad sides of each other and accepted them. This made them different from other farmhands in a positive way. Things start getting complicated when the wife to the farm owners son get…show more content…
Lennie often got in problems, and they had to go from farm to farm because of that. George's life would probably be a lot easier if he never had met Lennie. So did George just figure that this was a easy way to end Lennie's life without any consequences? I would argue that it's not the case. George and Lennie had grown up together. They had dreams together, and accepted the faults of each other. George also had a lot of other chances to get rid of Lennie. For example at the last farm they were at something similar happened, and George could have let Lennie get caught and probably killed by the farm hands there. Instead he saved Lennie, and went to the next farm in hopes of achieving their

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