Friend Tolerance: Of Mice And Men

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Friend Tolerance George and Lennie have been friends for most of their lives. George has had to deal with Lennie’s mistakes and their punishments for so long. It upsets George; all he wants is a successful life. John Steinbeck, the author of Of Mice and Men shows how George gets through all of the setbacks that Lennie gives them. George and Lennie want to own a farm together, but with how Lennie acts it might not happen. TT [George is doomed from his friendship with Lennie.] George and Lennie are really close friends. George and Lennie’s P1 [friendship] doesn’t have any issues that could break their friendship. TT [Lennie holds George back, but George cares so much for Lennie that he’s willing to overcome the challenges.] Lennie has issues, he can’t help it, but it’s real hard on George. When George gets really agitated from Lennie he doesn’t mean to yell, but he can’t help it. It hurts Lennie, he once told George that he “should go away and leave [George] alone,” that he “could go off in the hills” and “some place [he’d] find a cave” (12). T1 [George felt bad hearing his best friend say that, as much as that would get rid of George’s challenges, he cares too much for Lennie to lose him] George’s agitation might harm Lennie, but George has to ventilate his anger somehow. George just wants to succeed in life and he tells Lennie how he “could get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble. No mess at all, and when the end of the month [came he] could take [his] fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever [he] want” (11). P2 [George could probably live an easier life without having to worry about Lennie, but he does it anyway.] Besides George finding this P1 [friendship] with Lennie a challenge, TT [George feels troubled from the amount of tolerance he has to have for Lennie.] From George’s responsibility for Lennie, he doesn’t think he’s going to accomplish a lot in life.
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