Rhetorical Strategies In On The Rainy River

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On the Rainy River Questions 1. The rhetorical strategies of the first seven sentences that the author utilizes had successfully caught the attention of the reader- hooking the reader in place until the story is over. My expectations of the following plot after the opening is that there might be something unexpected and mostly emotional and impacting in some way. 2. The way I could tell that some of the facts were fictional is that O’Brien used very well-known hero literacy diction such as “the secret hero” and “the lone ranger” (O’Brien). He also mentioned something about tapping into a long accumulating courage inside of him to battle evil. This gave me a very suspicious feeling of doubt. Some things that O’Brien had mentioned that…show more content…
The rhetorical strategies that O’Brien used in paragraph 64 are comparison and contrast, and juxtapositions. In this paragraph O’Brien really compared and contrasted the idea of going to war even though he is clearly scared of war. He used a lot of juxtapositions to emphasize the changes that would impact his life. The effects of using these rhetorical strategies are that it really emphasized the conflicts O’Brien faced. 7. The effect of the collapsing time in the final paragraph is that it had really emphasized his terror of remembering the war because even though the war was a huge impact part of his life O’Brien fears the memories of it. The rhetorical effect of this irony is that he spent so much thought over going or not going to war that the memories of the war was given no details whatsoever. It was almost not considered as important as the decision. 8. Tim O’Brien and Huck Finn are similar because they both are conflicted between doing the right thing and being selfish. Huck felt a loyalty towards Mrs. Watson and Jim so much that he so conflicted between being faithful towards Mrs. Watson for taking care of him and towards Jim his friend that helped him a lot. O’Brien’s situation is very similar because he doesn’t want to go to war yet he doesn’t want to be considered a coward; but going to war is considered the right thing to
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