Passage Analysis: Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Passage Analyzed: Part _2__, Page __39-40__ Begins “It wasn’t nothing…” and ends with “hardly ever a nice fella…” DIDLS Overview: D: denotative and informal language conveying how George is arguing with Slim about Lennie. I: “seems kinda funny why you are traveling with a cukoo like him” shows how Slim doesn’t understand why George is doing this, and goes to show what he thinks of the “cukoo,” Lennie. D: “He ain’t no cukoo” conveys how George feels about Lennie. Yes he is very stupid, but George won’t let anyone say anything rude about his friend like that because even though he is dumb, he can’t help it. L: George uses restatement a lot to try and get his point across to Slim about how great Lennie is even thought he is dumb, because George loves him so much. S: Slim uses interrogative sentences, asking many questions conveying how he is questioning the 2 men. Analysis Paragraph:…show more content…
George realizes that it is wrong to make a weaker living suffer. George admits that Lennie is “dumb as hell.” Using metaphors and similes the reader can better understand how much George loves Lennie. Slim then starts to realize where George is coming from and starts to appreciate their friendship. This characterizes George as caring, loving, and optimistic. George won’t let Lennie “go down alone” because he cares about his friend so much and knows he doesn’t deserve that. George also is protective over Lennie because he “used to play jokes” on Lennie all the time. He knows that even though it is wrong, doesn’t mean someone else won’t do it. George thinks very highly of him and Lennies relationship and won’t let anyone mess with
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