Of Mice and Men

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Evelyn Tapia 12-10-12 Period 2 Mr. Sainato Of Mice and Men Essay In Steinbeck’s novel “Of Mice and Men”, George and Lennie go on a journey in search of their dream. After getting kicked out of their hometown, the two men find a job settle at a ranch in Soledad. Both Lennie and George meet nice folks but their dream quickly comes to an end when Lennie accidentally causes another accident. Although people think it was Curly’s wife’s fault, I believe George and Lennie’s dream was destroyed because George didn’t pay much attention to Lennie, Lennie hadn’t listened to George, and Curly was going to kill Lennie, I believe George and Lennie’s dream was destroyed because George stopped paying attention to Lennie. George was a small tough guy that always had to watch over Lennie. Once they got to Soledad, he stopped watching over him knowing that Lennie was capable of hurting someone without trying to. The book states, “Yeah?” said Crooks, “An’ where’s George now? In town in a whorehouse.” (Page 76) George had left Lennie alone at the ranch while he was out with the guys at a whorehouse. If George had payed more attention to Lennie and what he was up to, then Lennie probably wouldn’t have killed Curly’s wife. George knew that Lennie was a strong guy and he needed extra attention, and in the end that killed him. In addition, George and Lennie’s dream was crushed because Lennie didn’t listen to George. Lennie was a nice guy but he needed extra attention because he couldn’t control his actions. He had never meant to hurt anything or anyone but he himself didn’t know how strong he was. The book says, “Well you keep away from her ‘cause she’s a rattrap if I ever seen one.” (Page 32) Lennie had told George he was going to stay away from Curly’s wife as much as possible. Then Curly’s wife started talking to Lennie alone and as hard as he tried, he couldn’t get her to
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