Who Was Responsible for Lennie's Death in of Mice and Men?

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The people I think that are morally responsible for the death of Curley’s wife and Lennie are George and Curley. I believe this mainly because Curley was in charge of protecting his wife and George was in charge of looking after Lennie and keeping him out of trouble. I think that Curley and George are morally responsible because it was his wife who caused the death of Lennie and if he had been with his wife none of this would have happened. Also, he should have kept an eye on her and made sure he knew where she was and tried to keep her safe, since he knew what Lennie was like. Lennie had crushed his hand in his giant ‘paw’, breaking most of the bones in his hand. If someone knew that there was a dangerous man around the ranch you would not let your loved ones go around the ranch alone. His absence shows that maybe Curley didn’t really care much about the safety of his own wife, as he let her walk around the ranch like there was nothing to worry about. I think Curley neglected his duties as to protect his wife because Curley either doesn’t really care about his wife and only really married her for the pride or he cared about her but didn’t think about her as much as he should have he thought more about his pride and respect than the safety of his own wife. I also think that George is morally responsible because he is obliged to take care of Lennie, George knows everything about Lennie and therefore should have known what he is capable of. For example, when they were in weed George left Lennie alone and then Lennie ended up making a girl run away to her family screaming ‘rape’. George also should have known about the learning difficulty and the strength of Lennie which can make him very dangerous because half the time Lennie doesn’t know what he is doing and also doesn’t know his own strength. Lennie has the strength of two me, so he can do many things. Some

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