Of Mice & Men Explores Groups The Edge Of Society

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In Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ he explores the problems of people on the edge of society. Discuss. Steinbeck explores the problems and difficulties of a number or characters who represent groups in their society. They are the elderly, black people, friendship groups and women. These people all face troubles in their everyday lives, and are treated unfairly. Elderly people are viewed as worthless and this is not fair. Candy was the elderly person in the novel who feared for his future. This was because he was aging and showing signs of weakness, and he wasn’t sure if the boss was going to let him keep his job for much longer. Candy did however have compensation for losing his arm, which he had kept saved encase he needed it. He worried about his future on the farm, so he tried to secure a sure future caring for Lenny and George when they bought their house. Steinbeck showed in the novel how the elderly were put on the scrap heap. They were seen as less important, useless and a waste of time. This affected Curley in a negative way, making him always fearful for his future. Black people are discriminated against and suffer in many ways as a result. Crooks is the black stable buck who spends most of his time isolated in his own room finding comfort by reading books. The only time he is able to be social with the others is during a game of horse shoes, so he is very lonely. When Lenny visits Crooks, Crooks says a few things that verify his loneliness and how much he wishes he could be accepted. ‘Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody - to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody.’ This quote shows how being black has affected Crooks, because he has nobody to turn to. Although this shouldn’t be the case, just by the colour of his skin Crooks is leading a miserable life. Steinbeck shows us throughout the novel that black people are treated as

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