Explore What Crooks Contributes to the Novel

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4th October Explore what Crooks contributes to the novel Candy introduces Crooks into the novel as the stable buck. He talks about how the boss “gives the stable buck hell” because he is a “nigger”. Crooks is the only black man in the novel and therefore takes the role of showing how black people were discriminated by a white society. The characters’ use of racist language and the casual use of the term “nigger” to describe Crooks suggests that it was seen acceptable for Crooks to be treated with no respect this way. However Candy does describe Crooks as a “nice fella”. From Candy we also learn that Crooks has his own room, separate from the bunkhouses. We later learn that he is not allowed into the bunkhouses because of the colour of his skin. We are told of an incident at Christmas where a “little skinner name of Smitty” takes after Crooks. The other men would not allow him to use his feet due to Crooks’ back but thought it perfectly fine to be fighting him. When Crooks comes into the novel he is described as a “lean negro head, lined with pain,” this is important because it’s the introduction of the many pains which Crooks has. Crooks is both in emotional and physical pain. The emotional pain which Crooks carries with him is due to his loneliness; his isolation from man is causing him to go mad, “guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody”. In isolation from the other men Crooks begins to doubt what he sees. The loneliness affects his sense of reality and he starts to imagine things. Because he does not have anyone to turn to “and ast him if he sees it too”, he has no one to confirm his suspicions. He has doubt in himself, “I just don’t know”, and there is no one to protect him which leaves him on edge with no closure. Crooks tries to conceal his loneliness because it opens him as a target, it is a weakness, having no one to talk to has affected Crooks in such
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