Of Mice And Men Outsider Essay

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Just a Simple Outsider The novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck takes its’ setting in the 1930’s during The Grwat Depression. In this novel there’s two main characters Lennie and Geroge. These two men are on their journey to accomplish their dream but, they stumble on their way to achieve it. Lennie is mentally disabled and does as George tells him to. George is the dominant male in the relationship , because of Lennie’s disability it causes they both very much trouble back in Weed and on the ranch they arrive too after escaping. Also Lennie’s disability causes himself to be put aside from others on big events. While all the other ranch hands go to town, Lennie, Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s Wife are left behind. They’re left behind because to all the other strong and healthy men they’re outsiders. Lennie is considered as an outsider because of his mental disability. Crooks is considered an outsider because he is an old black man whom back is hurt and can’t really stand up straight the reason why he’s even working in the ranch is because he’s the only one who knows how to keep the stables in control. Candy is considered an outsider because he’s an old man with one of his hands disabled. Curley’s wife was considered as an outsider…show more content…
With Curley’s wife there the conversation’s rhythm changed it became more emotional and sympathetic all of them started to share their dreams. Lennie’s dream was to have his own land with George and tend the rabbits they would have. Crooks dream was to be able to belong somewhere and to live with George and Lennie at least to hoe a patch of garden. Candy’s dream latched on desperately to George’s vision of owning a couple of acres. Curley’s wife’s dream was to be a movie star since at a point in her life someone once told her she was a
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