Of Mice And Men Comparative Essay

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Joe Guarnieri Ms.Heaney American lit 5/7/13 The book Of Mice and Men and the movie “Rain Man” are both very similar and different. They both connect to some of the same topics but both have 2 different story lines. Both these pieces tangle with the topic of anger towards ignorance of mentally challenged, dependent needs and mistakes made. The novel takes place about 30 years before the movie so these time periods serve a great impact on differences. In the movie and the book either characters were dependent on their brother or best friend .In Of Mice and Men Lennie was dependent on his best friend George. Lennie would have been lost without George because he was always asking him what to do or just someone to talk to. Without George…show more content…
For example Lennie was in the barn felling Curleys wife’s hair which was his first mistake then when she pulled away he grabbed at he to keep quite but as he did that he closed her airways and killed her. This was a honest mistake on his part he just didn’t want her to scream rape like what happened at his first job. Raymond made the mistake of telling Charlie’s girlfriend that Charlie was using him. He also made the mistake of the hooker making a date with him at 10 but she just wanted the time. Both honest mistakes that he didn’t even know he made. The ignorance shown towards Lennie in the novel was due to the time period and the people’s lack of knowledge. People in the story like “The boss” just thought that Lennie wasn’t smart because he just didn’t talk much unless it was to his best friend George. There was ignorance in Raymond because his brother thought that he could remove Ray from his schedules at his home and take him with him. The Ignorance was that Ray needed those schedules or he will have a fit. The Story Of Mice and Men and the movie “Rain man” both are examples of lack of knowledge towards mentally challenged. This resulted in anger at ignorance of mentally challenged, dependent needs required and mistakes made. This is all because people were ignorant and selfish and lacked knowledge of their friend or
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