China's Son Short Story Theme

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Whenever we see someone successful, we know it’s the result after all the hard work they have done. That’s only one of the reasons that person becomes successful, and there are several other factors that make people achieve their goal. In the story, China’s Son by Chen Da, hard work seems to be the reason why the main character ends up achieves his dream. The main character, Chen Da, worked harder than anyone in the province, and became the only one in their province that’s going to big city university for further education. Aside from his hard work, the main reason why he’s successful in the end is because of his family. The author tries to develop the idea that family main factor that influences him and becomes who he is now. There are many…show more content…
Those encouragements from the family made him study hard, because he didn’t want to bring shame to his family. He was the only one that attends high school; he’s their only hope to succeed. “They all wore mixed expressions of reproach and criticism, along with a touch of encouragement and even hope; the whole spectrum. I loved my family,”(“China’s Son” 131), the quote show even in Chen Da’s darkest time in his education, his family didn’t blame him for anything and still believe in him. After this, the attitude he had was changed, and he wanted to pay his family back with good grades. As the research shown, “Family environment also protects a child from depression and other psychiatric problems. Their responses are positive and behavior is normal and cooperative”(Effect of Family). His responses to his family are positive after he came out from the depression that was brought to him by school. Chen Da wouldn’t be able to achieve anything if his family just give up on him, and think he will be a farmer for rest of his life. The reason that made Chen Da success is his guilt towards his family, because they believe in him. His family never gave up on him; instead they kept on encouraging him to do better. Eventually, Chen Da became clear of what he has to do to pay his family back, and that’s the power of family. Chen Da’s family gave him power to become what he is…show more content…
The book, China’s Son, perfectly shows how family caused effect on Chen Da, and made him become successful. Although there are many reasons why someone can achieve their dream and the first thing we think of is their hard work. Hard working isn’t the only factor that makes people succeed; research had shown “23 percent of educational attainment is determined by environment, implying that up to 77 percent is determined by nature” (U.S Elementary and Secondary School). There are many causes and factors to make a successful person, and family background and environment is the main reason behind succeed among all of others. Family along can’t make someone become successful, but it’s the main influence behind someone had

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