Rowan Of Rin-Essay

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Rowan was seen weak, useless and a disappointment by many of the villagers. Rowan had never been capable of fitting into his father’s shoes; a man who was independent, trustworthy and respected. Now his village was in trouble the water the they was depending on, had ran out and now they needed him, because of the prophecy rowan had been forced to go on a journey, which gave him physical and mental hardship along the way. Yet he returns from the mountain a hero. Firstly, Rowan is the keeper of the Bukshah. The Bukshah are the town’s woolly beasts that are similar to cows, sheep and camels. It is a good job for Rowan because it is easy and does not take up a lot of strength. He lives with his mom Jiller and his sister Annad. Rowan has always been quiet but when his dad died trying to save him from a burning fire he became more quite. Rowan always thought that he should have been him that died and not his Dad. Now he takes care of the Bukshah, even though the little kids usually do it. Secondly, because of the prophecy Rowan had to go to the journey that risked his life, He is very convenient of coping in many different situations like on the journey, brave, for going on the journey when he knows that he might not even come back. He knows he will probably die but he keeps on going. Rowan was brave like when strong John told Rowan to go back to the village, and Rowan kept on going and if he wasn’t brave enough he would have gone back. The time he is the bravest is when he is in the dragon’s lair he does not run and leave Strong John to die, if that was me I would have run away at the first chance I got. Rowan was is determined like he was determined to get to the top of the mountain because when he was climbing, and his hands were cut but he kept on going. But most people would stop and start complaining. Another example was when he was so filthy and wanted to use the
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