Farmer's Market Cheaters

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David Kim AP Lang A, Welch Period 5 October 3, 2014 “California Cracks Down On Farmers Market Cheaters” I. “California Cracks Down on Farmer’s Market Cheaters” written by Dans Charles was published on October 2, 2014. This article describes the fact that there are people who are currently deceiving consumers of the Farmer’s Market by claiming their produce has been grown locally, while in reality, they are selling wholesale goods from different markets labeling them as locally grown produce. II. The author focuses an indicative mood towards how there are farmers that currently label some market-goods as locally farmed produce. The mood against this current event is expressed throughout the article. The author’s diction includes testimonies from authorities to support his argument to increasing its credibility. The author also includes witnesses who have experienced this problem to further enhance the…show more content…
The author also gives an idea on how the farmer’s market gains their goods from solely a locally farmed source instead of any other sources. Therefore, the seriousness of this crime is intensified where he includes statements from the testimonies of authorities to include statistical evidence to support his argument. “The inspectors will check for signs that farmers are selling fruits and vegetables that they didn't actually grow themselves, but instead picked up wholesale.” (2) He also includes the opinions of the authorities by including their statements to explain where the problem lies, when the sources of success reflect on “producer only” goods. “According to Gus Schumacher, a former USDA official who's been a close observer and promoter of farmers markets for several decades, the most successful farmers markets in the country are ‘producer only,’ with strict rules against selling produce acquired elsewhere.” (10) The author also uses statements from witnesses, people who are experiencing or seeing the problem. The

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