Poetry Response- Mending Wall, by Robert Frost Essay

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Poetry Response- Mending Wall, by Robert Frost Every year, two neighbors meet to repair the stone wall that divides their property. The narrator is skeptical of this tradition, unable to understand the need for a wall when there is no livestock to be contained on the property, only apples and pine trees. He does not believe that a wall should exist simply for the sake of existing. He cannot help but notice that the natural world seems to dislike the wall as much as he does: mysterious gaps appear, boulders fall for no reason. The neighbor, on the other hand, asserts that the wall is crucial to maintaining their relationship, asserting, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Over the course of the mending, the narrator attempts to convince his neighbor otherwise and accuses him of being old-fashioned for maintaining the tradition so strictly. The neighbor, all the while, holds his ground simply repeating his old adage. This poem displays a deep idea that is often overlooked. People, regardless of their relationship/closeness, still have boundaries, and walls must still exist around all people. The narrator questions the need for a boundary between them, while the neighbor insists on its presence. This issue is even bigger in reality, it brings into question whether or not people should have such defensive boundaries around themselves both physically and mentally. The narrator points to nature even seemingly opposing the wall as it tears down boulders and nocks it over every year. This seems to represent nature’s own defiance to the making of boundaries and it may even reflect the belief that boundaries serve no good purpose to the world. However in the end, the wall is repaired and the men were together. This entire encounter and interaction was in response to the wall its self. This would seem to represent the thought that contrary to their purpose, putting up

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