Oedipus Rex and the Murder of King Laius

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In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles the reader finds that the main character Oedipus is involved in the mystery of the murderer of king Laius. Throughout the play this secret and more come to enlighten him and other characters. The protagonist is looking for answers because he wants justice, he sends his brother Creon to see an oracle that tells him who the murderer of king Laius is, Creon then accuses Oedipus of the committed crime and tells him his twisted fate. Oedipus cannot believe what he is told and assumes that it is part of Creon’s plan which is to rule Thebes that is when he chooses to call for Tiresias a blind clairvoyant and confirms what Creon said to him.“I say that you are Laius´s murderer. He whom you seek” Tiresias p.14 At this stage the reader realizes how the mystery starts to develop and how Oedipus is still decided to find the truth even knowing that he could be affected by it. Tiresias then tells Oedipus his fate which is that he will kill his father and marry his mother, he remembers that he killed a man that disrespected him where king Laius was murdered after which he saves the city of Thebes by answering the riddle to the sphinx. Oedipus then remembers that there is a witness of king Laius assassination and believes he is the only person that can clear his doubts. The witness is a shepherd who carries more than one answer to Oedipus’s questions. “Truly it was called his son; but she within your lady, could best tell you how it was” old man p.41. Oedipus finds out then that the prophecy is realized, he married his mother Iocasta queen of Thebes and killed his father Laius king of Thebes; he takes responsibility for his acts and performs the punishment that he created after stabbing his eyes until he blinded himself. “Not then had I become my father’s murderer…Yea if aught ill worse than all ill be there, that Oedipus must bear”.

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