What Was Oedipus Quest

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Essay #2 As his quest begins it changes when Oedipus finds out that he really kills Laius for making him feel like a pheasant. But what he didn’t realize is that he was his own father until the messenger told him the truth. The main characters that Oedipus was in search for was himself. He was looking for someone that could save the town of Thebes from the plague but was not sure of who he was. They were trying to find the murderer of Laius, Oedipus not knowing it was him, when Jocasta was steering Oedipus in the wrong direction saying that it wasn’t him and it couldn’t have been him. But Oedipus knew he killed someone in the same since that they were describing. It’s when the messenger came and told them the truth that Oedipus was the killer and Jocasta married her own son and had children with him. Jocasta could bear to hear any more so she went to commit suicide and that when Oedipus finds her and decides to stab his…show more content…
Tragic heroes are people that are fated by the Gods or by supernatural force to doom destruction or at least to great suffering. Oedipus is to blame for the plague because he didn’t know that Laius was his real father and that he was sleeping with his own mother. In order to pay for what he has done he stabbed his eyes out but not fully killing himself because he wanted to please the gods and asked Creon to exile himself from king. He to blame for his downfall because when Jocasta tried to steer him in another direction he chose to go the opposite way which caused him to find out the truth. He chose to kill Laius and find out what his real back round was instead of doing his regular routine. When he was blinded to the fact that he killed his own father it was the beginning of his fate becoming more possible. His fate determined his destiny even though Jocasta gave him away he still managed to find her and marry her like what the prophecy was
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