Why Did Hamlet Decide To Be King

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When Young Hamlet was informed his father had been killed, he was never the same. Since King Hamlet is no longer living, was Young Hamlet supposed to become king? . Surprising to Young Hamlet’s mother (the Queen) had quickly fallen in love with her brother-in-law and they were soon married. Now, the throne had been given to Claudius. Everything seemed so odd ever since Claudius became King. Young Hamlet was still distraught and no one cared for him. Two guards rushed to Hamlet and informed him that they had seen his father. When Hamlet was brought to the same spot, the ghost of his father had explained to him how he really died. After Hamlet learned the true story he went mad but there were several other factors attributing to him dying besides revenge. King Hamlet was murdered by his own brother. Hamlet mourned the death of his father for quite some time. After two months had gone by his mother could not understand why he was acting is such a strange way. Hamlet responded by telling the Queen how he does not agree with his mother marrying the new King of Denmark two months after his father’s death (Act 1, scene 2.) This was the beginning of Hamlet’s madness. Ophelia the daughter…show more content…
Hamlet shocked by the murder he had accidentally committed scared him, knowing he is Ophelia’s father. When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern talked to Hamlet to see where Polonius’ body had been placed he refused to tell them. King Claudius sent Hamlet away for his safety but planned for his murder after Hamlet had left. After Hamlet had killed Polonius, Ophelia never recovered from her father’s death. She had now gone mad. Ophelia started to sing to the Queen, (Act IV, scene 5.) She eventually committees suicide while Hamlet has no idea since he is in England. After he sees that the grave has been made for Ophelia he says, “ I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum.” (Act V, Scene

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