The Character Responsible for Romeo and Juliet's Death Essay

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The character that is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death could be interpreted in many different ways. However, the one character that stands out as the sloe person responsible is the Tybult. Tybult seems like he is the most responsible because he was the person who started this chain in deaths. There are however other people who also are guilty of Romeo and Juliet's death they are Friar Lawrence. It is he also because her marries the two and gives Juliet the drug to not only save her from marrying Paris but also because it saves him from explaining why he can not marry Paris and Juliet. Another person who is responsible for their deaths is Old man Capulet. He forces Juliet to marry Paris just so he can save the Family name. Because of his selfishness, his daughter winds up dead. The last people who are responsible for the deaths are the two families. They are responsible because they both acted stupid just because of the grudge between both of them. Consequently to the grudge their children died. However the one person who is the most responsible is He originally wanted to fight Romeo because he showed up at a party. He wanted to fight him just because he was a Montigue. Romeo did not even start anything as far as Tybult was concerned. Then when he went to fight Romeo, Romeo's friend Mercutio steps in and starts Duel with Tybult. Tybult kills Mercutio and then Romeo who gets very angry fights with Tybult and kills him. Romeo never liked to fight before but now it has all changed. He then becomes exiled for killing Tybult and because of that the "tragedy " starts. Juliet finds out that her Romeo is exiled and that her cousin is dead. Paris asks to marry her again and her father says yes this time because his name is looked down upon because it looks bad that his own member killed a Montigue for no reason. He thinks that it will distract the people from the
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