The Death Or Murder Of King Tutankhamen

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The Death or Murder of King TUTANKHAMEN Ever since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen, there has been speculation and theories about his death, was he murdered or died. Was he a victim of the backlash against the Akhenaton / Amarna heresy? Had he been murdered to allow access to the throne? Or was he a sickly young man whose genes had been affected by generations of in-breeding by previous Egyptian pharaohs? Some will argue the King was likely murdered due to greed and power, while others believe he fell from his chariot or died from an illness. The two strongly standing theories are THE KING WAS MURDERED I choose to believe this theory because there were so many at stake. In this theory, the motives behind his murder were many. He was the son of Akhenaton who changed the practice of worshiping many Gods to worshiping one God; it was new environment to the Egyptians who worshiped freely whomever they want. Akhenaton forced and punished the priests to shutdown their temples and follow his new religion, some scholar and historian suggested for that reason being the son of Akhenaton caused him enemies looking for revenge beside he was a little boy when he was crowned. So, revenge was the motive. Other motive was the throne, it was said he was killed by AY, Ay knew that by killing King Tutankhamen he would inherit the throne and become pharaoh, after the death of Tutankhamen Ay was given the throne. To support this theory recent discovery showed a crack in the skull, possibly the king was murdered. An advocate of this theory is a well known Egyptologist, Bob Brier from Long Island University. (Brier, B.1997) Other motives may include his deputy Hormheb may have been responsible for his killing to be the king to restore Egypt to the traditional way, but Mohamed El-Saghir, head of Upper Egyptian Antiquities, believes that Hormheb could not have committed
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