Creon's Suicide In Sophocles Antigone

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Antigone, a play written by Sophocles, is one of the most famous tragedies written due to the controversy the ending inspires amongst the audience. A familiar argument that can still be heard in classrooms around the world most likely started when the play was first performed for Sophocles himself. Did Antigone kill herself or did Creon drive her to commit suicide? I believe that through Creon’s superstitions, fears, and character flaws he is responsible for Antigone’s death. Antigone is the continuation of the play Oedipus, in which foretold disaster strikes a king’s family. Oedipus is told that he will kill his father and marry his mother, so out of fear he flees his home. On the road he meets a man whom he kills and then proceeds to…show more content…
In despair his mother kills herself and Oedipus rips out his own eyes. Antigone is the story about Oedipus’ children and the superstition that follows this cursed family line. Creon is the brother of Oedipus, so he is more frightened from the superstitions that follow his brothers’ family line than anyone else. The act that triggers this fear, which sets forth the destruction of not only Antigone but his own family as well, is the murder of Antigone’s brothers. This instills fear in Creon because he fears that the sins from the father (Oedipus) will carry over to the children and in turn hurt his newly received kingdom and family. Antigone is set to marry Creon’s son, but Creon does not want this to happen because he fears that Antigone’s “family curse” will enter his own family. By staying true to his threats to kill anyone who removes the body of Antigone’s brother, he can use this as a trap to kill Antigone before she becomes a part of his…show more content…
Trying to become a king in general can be extremely difficult, and it can be even more challenging to gain the respect of your people if it was your brother that you received the crown from. The fear of seeming like a weak and passive king to the people made Creon make many wrong decisions that eventually cost Antigone and his family their lives. The first mistake that Creon made was making such a bold promise to kill whoever buried the body of Antigone’s brother. He made this promise in order to try and instill fear into his people and in turn insure their respect. After finding out who it was that laid the body to rest, he had no choice but to fulfill his promise of killing them to show his people that his first official act as king was a non-compromising one. On top of that Antigone was a woman, and in their culture woman had absolutely no authority above men. Letting Antigone walk away after disobeying his order would not only insult him as a king, but it would show that even a woman could walk over their new king with ease. Through his fear of being seen as a weak king Creon ordered the death of Antigone by sending her into the pit with limited food, so that eventually she would starve to death. Antigone’s was backed into a corner with no way out that she could see at the time and she hung herself, this is the result that

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